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The company is the direct successor of a manufactory founded by Mr. František Mouka in Tišnov in 1842. At the beginning, it produced ropes and cables for both agriculture and industry, and gradually added webbings to its portfolio.



The founding of the rope manufactory by Mr. František Mouka in Tišnov (first generation)


The management of the company is taken over by Mr. František Mouka Jr. (second generation)


The management of the company is taken over by Mr. Antonín Mouka (third generation)

Under the direction of Antonín Mouka in the years 1900-1940, the company saw great growth. Its production facilities were expanded and there was an application of mechanization and the introduction of modern technology.


The management of the company is taken over by Mr. Jiří Mouka (fourth generation), who graduated from the textile industry school in Brno.

For the transportation of finished products, horse-drawn carriages are used. The company exhibited its products in Leipzig.


The nationalization of the company

After nationalization, the plant was managed by several state enterprises (Juta, Konopa, Závody S. K. Neumanna); however, the production of webbings was always maintained.


Family traditions restored by MVDr. Jiří Mouka Jr. (fifth generation)

The company was privatized during a large round of privatization and the Moukas were given back the family land and the old buildings, including some that the family had to buy back from the state. Under the leadership of MVDr. Jiří Mouka in the years 1992-2014, there was refurbishment and expansion of the machinery (needle looms from the Swiss company Jakob Muller, new winding and twisting machines), the purchase of new technologies (Jacquard looms and loom for the production of energy absorber webbings), and the overall modernization of the premises of the company.


Acquisition of a quality certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001

The quality system is regularly audited and the company is re-certified. Its continuous improvement is a prerequisite for the successful development of the company.


The management of the company was taken over by Mrs. Hana Brázdová, daughter of MVDr. Jiří Mouka (sixth generation), with her husband, Ing. Ivo Brázda.

More investment is made into machinery – a new finishing machine and loom for the production of wide-narrow webbings.


Start of the construction of a new production hall – the weaving mill.


At present, the company employs approximately 40 people, among whom are experienced long-time specialists.

The company supplies webbings to the whole world, has a flexible and innovative approach to production, and has an individual approach to customers. Its specialization is in creating new designs and custom manufacturing of webbings.


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We support a variety of cultural, social, and sporting events in Tišnov and its surroundings. We also contribute to the social services for disabled people.