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Webbings and trimmings are used in a wide range of sports equipment. They are often exposed to harsh climatic conditions and human lives depend on them. We are fully aware of this during manufacturing of our webbings, and our webbings meet the high requirements of our customers.


This is one of the sports where webbings are used most. Webbings and trimmings are used in the production of harnesses, express slings, ascender webbings, helmets, ice axes, crampons, crash pads, various bags, ....

We can also offer webbings for the manufacture of energy absorbers, which are useful when falling onto the via ferrata, and wide-narrow webbings for the production of harnesses and express slings.


Cavers use the same equipment as climbers, i.e. express webbings and harnesses made from webbings with a high breaking strength.


This is a sport where the emphasis is placed on the low elongation of webbings, so webbings made of polyester fibres are those that are mostly used. Webbings and trimmings will find applications in the manufacture of seats, free ends, wings, parachutes, helmets, backpacks, etc.


Ballooning offers some of the most beautiful views of the countryside. Polyester webbings are used to reinforce the dome of the balloon. There are various types of webbings used for fixing objects (bottle holders, etc.) inside the passenger basket.


An increasingly popular way of spending free time, that you can actively engage in virtually all year round, and wherever the wind blows. When the kites of any type (skis, snowboard, surfboard etc.) is the use of webbings, above all in a harness to fasten the kit between the parachute and person.


A very popular sport that requires high-quality equipment such as backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, boots, clothes, etc. In all these cases, webbings are used, guaranteeing the practicality and applicability of these products.


Both straight and wide-narrow webbings are used in various types of poles (downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, Nordic Walking, ...).


The use of webbings in this sport is very broad – helmets, saddlebags, cycling rucksacks, baby seats, fixing accessories onto bicycle frames, etc.

Water sports

Webbings are an integral part of the production of life jackets, waterproof bags, handles for vessels, helmets, seats weave, fastening belts, etc.


Even under the water surface one can find webbings, in the form of diving bottle holders, belts, holsters, and many other useful things. Webbings from polypropylene, that doesn´t absorb water, are mainly used there,


A relaxing way of spending free time, requiring a lot of equipment where webbings are used – e.g. backpacks, covers, chairs and camp beds.


Webbings are used the most on sledges weave, which is light, steady, nice and it can be renewed easily. We have a wide selection of 6 cm wide webbings for sledges on stock. Narrower webbings can be used to tow sledges.


Jumping is a popular form of aerobic exercise, which takes place on trampolines of various sizes and shapes. Webbings ensure not only the functionality of trampolines, but they also refresh their design.




Webbings and trimmings are also used in the production of nets intended for ball games, such as tennis, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, etc.

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