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Bag and footwear making

Webbings are used widely for production of different textile products and footwear.

Rucksacks, bags and cases

Webbings and trimmings in many colours and widths are used when making different types of bags, cases, rucksacks and backpacks.

Cases for musical instruments

Different types of webbings and trimmings are also used when making cases for musical instruments.


A broad variety of webbings made of synthetic materials, but also from cotton, can be used for belts. We can offer webbings in a single colour, with stripes or patterns, with bigger or smaller crosswise stiffness. Belts made of webbings are used in outdoor clothing, but also as part of the uniforms of soldiers, policemen, firefighters or prison service.


Webbings can also be used in the manufacture of footwear – single-coloured and patterned webbings are very suitable for the production of sandals for casual wear, for example. If the footwear has a Velcro fastener, this Velcro can be sewn into the webbing. Webbings with woven reflective tapes can be used as the loop at the back of the shoe, contributing to a better security of the wearer. Special thin and stiff webbings are used as loops on climbing shoes.

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Technology of the production of webbings

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