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Work at heights

The most important principle at work is safety. Work at heights carries with it a greater risk and also the obligation to protect against it. Webbings and trimmings are used in a variety of personal protective equipment.

Safety harnesses – especially webbings with high breaking strength and trimmings are used there.

Sewn slings – webbings are made of high tenacity polyamide, polyester or Dyneema® yarn.

Energy absorbers – we produce webbing for energy absorbers (in the event of a fall) according to EN 355.

Webbings are also used for the production of ascender webbings, ladders, working helmets, bags, etc..

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Technology of the production of webbings

We consider the quality to be the most important value of our product and we approach it accordingly. Maintaining quality control over the whole complex range of production and business activity is guaranteed by the current quality control system according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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