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Pets and equestrian products

The range of applications includes a wide variety of animals which sometimes need to be tied to a guide or leash. For sports activities, one must use safe and comfortable harnesses. Here one can find webbings, either synthetic or cotton, being widely used. It is possible that your favourite leash for your pet comes from us.

Leashes and collars

A wide range of types, colours, and designs of the webbings is used for the production of collars and leashes for dogs, cats, and small animals. Muzzles and tracking leads are made mostly of single-coloured webbings of different widths and materials. Webbings with rubber yarns (non-slip effect) and webbings with reflective tapes (safety effect) offer exceptional useful properties.

Harnesses for animals

A dog harness is a great alternative to the commonly used dog collar and is very suitable for sports or running with a dog while hunting – in short, everywhere where it is important to avoid any potential injury to the animal when its collar can get caught. A harness for dog sledding is a special type.

Harnesses of different types and colours with the use of webbings are manufactured for smaller animals such as cats, guinea pigs, and even parrots!

For safety and comfort, safety car harnesses for dogs are commonly used nowadays.

Dog training

For the training of dogs in both defence and the rescue of people, different tools are used, such as foot protectors, sleeves, stopping harnesses, special muzzles, and other harnesses. Our webbings and trimmings often form part of them.

Other products for pets

Different kinds of webbings and trimmings are used to manufacture beds, bags, and carrying bags, in particular, for smaller animals, and for clothes, toys, and various other accessories for pets.

Equestrian products

When breeding horses, whether for sport or for work, a number of webbings and trimmings from synthetic and natural materials are used, e.g. lead lines, headstalls, halters, blankets, etc.

Farm animals products

In cattle breeding, strong polypropylene webbings are used for halters, neckbands, fasteners, etc.

Technology of the production of webbings

We consider the quality to be the most important value of our product and we approach it accordingly. Maintaining quality control over the whole complex range of production and business activity is guaranteed by the current quality control system according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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