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These webbings must meet high demands, as they are used under the most demanding conditions and they help saving human lives.


Webbings and trimmings are used for the production of belts, bulletproof vests, gun holsters and slings, rucksacks, bags, etc. The webbings used are most often supplied in khaki, black, or beige colour. We can also offer webbings with woven camouflage design.


Especially webbings with flame-retardant finish or from fire-retardant materials are very useful for firefighters´ equipment.


Webbings and trimmings mostly in black are used for manufacturing belts, gun holsters and slings, protective jackets, various protectors, backpacks and bags.

Rescue services

Webbings are an integral part of the equipment for rescue workers. You can find them in ambulances, for securing patients to a mobile bed or seat during transportation. Air rescuers, like workers operating at heights, require webbings for their harnesses, helmets, and other personal security equipment, mainly using strong webbings.

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Technology of the production of webbings

We consider the quality to be the most important value of our product and we approach it accordingly. Maintaining quality control over the whole complex range of production and business activity is guaranteed by the current quality control system according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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